What Kind of Ebike Can I Get For my Budget?

eBikes are growing in popularity and lately, there are so many different eBikes to eBikes to choose from. Where do you start? We often hear people ask why there is such a large price range in eBikes. This quick article is here to help you understand the differences in prices and what you can typically expect from each price range.

The key differentiators in eBike prices are: 

  • Motor
  • Battery
  • Watts
  • Suspension

For example, if you are purchasing an eBike for hunting and plan to haul large game out of the backcountry using a trailer, you will need an eBike with a mid-drive motor that has at least 1,000 Watts of power. These eBikes tend to be on the higher price end. On the flip-side, if you are looking for an eBike to just cruise the neighborhood, a hub-drive 500 watt eBike might be your best bet. 

Price Range A: $2,000-$2,500
eBikes in this category are usually running a hub motor and will not have a throttle. The hub motor is located in the center of the back wheel. These eBikes aren't typically built to pull a trailer or scale a steep, 45 degree angle canyon-side, but can easily handle a rider and provide a zippy pedal assist feature. These bikes are a good option for someone just cruising around the neighborhood or on flat to moderate trails. The hub-drive motor is a great option for urban riding. As for suspension, eBikes in this price range may have a front shock.
Price Range B: $2,500 - $3,500
eBikes in this price range usually have a Mid-Drive Motor but are capped out at 750 Watts. They are a great option for riding around the neighborhood and on any typical mountain bike trail. They usually have pedal assist and may or may not have a throttle. These are really good eBikes and are probably typical for most people wanting an eBike. The more expensive bikes in this range will have a front and rear suspension.
Price Range C: $5K - $6K+
The eBikes in this range typically have both pedal assist and throttle. They usually have a very high amount of torque and have anywhere between 1000-1500 Watts of power. Some eBikes in this price range are built to climb and pull a trailer. Many have a high-end mid-drive motor. This is where the motor is located in the middle of the bike between the pedals as opposed to the rear wheel (hub-drive). The placement of the motor allows the bike to use a technology that can can actually sense the amount of pressure you are putting on the pedals. It's the smoothest and most natural ride on an eBike you can get. It's called a torque sensor. If you plan to do some hunting in the backcountry or will be pulling a trailer, you need a mid-drive 1000 - 1500 Watt motor with a good amount of torque. Oftentimes, eBikes in this price range have a full suspension system (front and rear) which allows for a smooth ride. 
If you are thinking of a particular eBike you have seen that doesn't quite fit into one of these categories, you would be correct! Not every eBike will fit into one of these categories. However, this is typically what we've seen in the market. 
eBikes are a blessing and can truly be a lot of fun. We hope this article made understanding eBike prices a little easier. 
The Electric Edge Team
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